Open-licensed music that can be used in multimedia presentations

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After downloading, right-click the mp3 file and view properties to see credit and license information.

Short intros
  • Acoustic

Download Acoustic (mp3 file)

  • Bass beat

Download Bass beat (mp3 file)

  • Beat

Download Beat (mp3 file)

  • Dramatic

Download Dramatic (mp3 file)

  • Electronica

Download Electronica (mp3 file)

  • Electronic_guitar

Download Electronic guitar (mp3 file)

  • Flute

Download Flute (mp3 file)

  • Funky beat

Download Funky beat (mp3 file)

  • Fun twang

Download Fun twang (mp3 file)

  • Harpsichord

Download Harpsichord (mp3 file)

  • Island beat

Download Island beat (mp3 file)

  • Lively

Download Lively (mp3 file)

  • Modern

Download Modern (mp3 file)

  • Organ

Download Organ (mp3 file)

Download Rock guitar (mp3 file)

  • Rock

Download Rock (mp3 file)

  • Sax

Download Sax (mp3 file)

  • Steel_drums

Download Steel drums (mp3 file)

  • Xylophone

Download Xylophone (mp3 file)


  • AlexBeroza - I Was There - September

Download "I Was There" (mp3 file)

  • Reveling_John_-_Faith..._rhythm_Guitar

Download Faith rhythm guitar (mp3 file)

  • Sr_Privado_-_Another_lie_(as_is)

Download Another lie (as is) (mp3 file)

  • Suite Espanola Op 47 - Leyenda

Download Suite Espanola (mp3 file)


  • Bassoon Concerto In B Flat Major, K 191 - I Allegro

Download Bassoon concerto (mp3 file)

  • Symphony No 5 In C Minor, op 67 - I Allegro Con Brio

Download Symphony no 5 (mp3 file)


  • George_Ellinas_-_Good_Enough_(GE_Piano_mix)

Download "Good Enough" (mp3 file)

  • KatazTrophee_-_In_The_Summer

Download "In The Summer (mp3 file)

  • mendez_muna_-_The_same_but_different_(Jazzy_style_RMX)

Download "The Same but Different (mp3 file)

  • Pitx_-_Slow

Download "Slow" (mp3 file)


  • Mahjong Melodies (Asian)

Download Mahjong Melodies (Asian) (mp3 file)

  • Djansa (African)

Download Djansa (African) (mp3 file)

  • Sri Nrisimha Pranam (Indian)

Download ri Nrisimha Pranam (Indian) (mp3 file)

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